Portraits in mixed technique and pencil

The figure portrait in pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor on order from nature and photography. Order a portrait of a pencil or a picture from the photo

Portraits in mixed media technique (combined technology). (Materials used: dry brush technique (oil paint), pastel, colored pencil, watercolor, airbrush, charcoal, acrylic, tempera, paper, photo, handled in a graphics editor, cardboard, canvas). Commission a portrait in oils, pencil drawing, pastel, charcoal, dry brush with nature or at the photo you will be able to call me by phone. Moscow reg. : +7-962-189-15-98 (Skype: yakov-dedyk), or by E-mail: yakovdedyk@yandex.ru. (Portrait painter Yakov Dedyk).

Drawing in pencil and mixed media

On this page of my site I have placed portraits are not only drawn by charcoal, and pastels, watercolors, tempera. I'm in his drawings often use virtually all of these materials, which constitute the mixed technique of painting and drawing. In fact, today a simple graphite pencil drawing is the world's most popular way to do something to represent, despite the increased popularity of digital technology. The simplicity and accessibility of the drawing technique pencil has won many fans around the world. Almost every home has a sheet of paper, graphite pencil and eraser - that's all you need to paint in this technique. And start learning drawing is not by chance that the picture in pencil. To draw using pencils of different softness 3B, 4B, 8B, and so on. D. Graphite pencil is not particularly picky about the paper on which the draw. Of course, better that it was a paper with stamping, but it is quite suitable and conventional drawing paper. Also in graphite pencil drawings, you can make corrections (eraser or kneadable) at any stage of work, which provides a number of advantages namely young artists. However, it is not necessary to consider the pencil technique technique for beginners. This is an essential work tool for any artist. Only professional artists paint, mostly charcoal. Drawing a pastel like oil, and dry, I also use in my work. The mixed media drawing and painting, especially with watercolors or watercolor pencils must take into account features of materials and observe the sequence of their use and overlap each other. When choosing paper for drawing and painting in mixed media also need to take into account the properties of all materials to be used in the film, whether pastel, watercolor, airbrush technique or a dry brush.

Видео портрет сухой кистью Портрет в смешаной технике видео сухая кисть + акварель и темпера

Commission pencil portrait from photo

Portraits photo custom pencil, charcoal, watercolor, pastel as well as mixed media painting and drawing as well in demand in modern customer, particularly graphic pencil. Each technology has its unique styling, so many lovers of these techniques. Portrait in dry brush technique, filmed on video and mounted in the video will be a pleasant surprise for your family, friends, work colleagues. Portraits in the technique are executed in oils on paper. On my website you can order oil painting on canvas with nature, in a photo or video with your materials. Portraits, executed in oils on canvas in a realistic manner, are still relevant, despite modern technology.

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