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Technique Dry Brush

Dry brush - drawing and picturesque technique. A specific character of this techniques is drawing a paint (a watercolor, an oil paint, tempera, ink), a little sated by connecting substances (water, oil), by means of a brush on a surface of a canvas or a paper. Modern artists more often in work by this technique use an oil paint as there were cheap materials for work (a water color and drawing paper). More precisely such reception would need to be named: picture or painting by oil on a paper, but Arbat artists have chosen such term for the name of techniques of the portraits. As they were the first who has left on street and began to draw in this technique, this term for it was fixed and not challenged any more. Earlier artists used this technics in a writing of pictures only partially (basically for a under painting), using adequate receptions for creation of the works. The dry brush was used, mainly, in retouching photos (little bit other materials, and a principle of work same were applied, as oil paints), but in the end of 80th years of the last century it has waited the hour of triumph. Arbat and artists of coast began to use this technique in drawing portraits from a nature. Now each interested person could receive a portrait from a nature or on a photo. And this technique began to dominate. The academic school has defined works on oil to technique a dry brush in the status of unofficial art for very simple reason, in official educational institutions there were no the teachers, capable to learn to draw oil on a paper or even to explain technology of a dry brush. In the mean time color dry brush, one of the most complex picturesque technique. It is necessary to do corrections to work practically at once while the oil paint has not dried up).

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