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Dry brush oil paints usually divide into a classic technique in oil painting on canvas and painting on a non-primed surface (cloth or paper). That is, in classical painting, it is also called dry glaze. Transparency is usually remains, but some color saturation in the lower layers is lost. Such a Painting can be multi-layered, and artists use white to compose colors. Overlay of layers occurs on dried out paint and in the end is covered varnish, as the paint slightly wilts. The second way of drawing by oil paints on paper was widely used by artists thanks to some The commercial success that this technique had in blitz portraits. Drawings on paper did not require special fixation, since the oil penetrated into the primed surface and quickly dried. In addition, it was possible to do corrections and part of the work with an eraser, which gave the portraits a dry brush technique a special stylization. Particular difficulty is the color dry brush on paper. Some mixtures of colors and colors behave unpredictably, and with multilayer writing is difficult to avoid dirty shades. A characteristic feature of this method in general is that the colors are applied very thin transparent and translucent layer, almost without binders, being fixed as a basis thanks to the surface texture.

Letter with a dry brush with Chinese ink It is used since the 14th century. e. In China, the Middle Ages image people paid little attention and artists depicted in the main landscapes in black and white. It is worth noting that they have achieved high skill, especially in the transmission of airspace different plans, without resorting to the use of perspective. Peculiar The letter in this technique was also achieved thanks to a peculiar form and the length of the brushes used by artists. But, as well as it is necessary, at Each master had his secret.

Dry brush is active used in modern decorative design, design and modeling. In a popular raster editor Adobe Photoshop Use a dry brush filter that simulates a watercolor letter.

What is the secret of the popularity of this reception?             Answer that for some reason this technique has become popular it is impossible. For several decades, that it is openly used artists for drawing portraits from nature and photos, interest in it then revived, it almost disappeared. Only on my memory, after the videos I posted on the Internet in Russian language, this is her, you can say, the third "reincarnation". Likely this happened immediately for several reasons: 1) a high level artists who are leaders in this category, 2) coverage new, more numerous audience, 3) interest of young and beginning artists, first of all, how to earn money, especially in portraits from photographs, 4) the availability of materials for work. And, I think, there are a few more. Especially in the last decade has become a convenient work on photographs in the technique of dry brush. Portraits from life have receded into the background and some "Teachers" do not even enter the learning process. At the beginning of the zero years in the resort towns during the peak season in August, I had a queue for portrait from nature for a week ahead. Now this situation is difficult imagine. Many will prefer a portrait of a photo, a long wait ..

What materials are used in What features work in this technique? For work with oil paints on paper in the technique of dry brush You need: textured watercolor paper, oil paint, brushes from pig bristles or synthetics (brushes should not be too soft), the eraser is preferably soft, but not to crumble when pressure (the eraser is a full-fledged tool in engineering dry brush). The paint dries about 2-3 hours, at this time work eraser is effective, then the paint dries, and erase it much more difficult. Diluting paint for work is quite simple: Extrude the paint on the palette, take a small piece of watercolor paper. Make on this sheet a small mixture of paint and oil (oil can be any: machine, sunflower, linseed, olive). In general, as a simple mixture of paint in painting, superfluous the oil will go to the paper. On the same sheet, brush the paint, so that there are no small balls and stripes. From excess paint on the brush You can also get rid of it by wiping it with a cloth or a napkin. Not take a lot of brushes to work to start with enough 4 - 5. After work, they must be washed with turpentine or with soap otherwise the paint will dry and the brush will not work.

A dry brush is a drawing or painting? I consider a dry brush to be a hybrid technique. I can judge my work, that I use at the same time the techniques of painting (especially in color dry brush) and a picture in portraits. And in general the modern art no longer has a clear gradation in styles, directions, receptions and techniques. Each artist chooses his specialization and experiments, and all these classifications of styles, directions and artistic tricks destiny of "writers of articles" who do not know how paintings or write nor sell them. Especially it is less necessary to trust sites similar to Wikipedia, where information is not sources.

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