Children's portraits of the artist Dedyk Yakov

This page is where the drawing and painting portraits of children in different techniques.

Mostly they bought as a gift for parents or grandmothers and grandfathers. Reading portraits on this page if you like my style of their execution, you can order portrait oil painting on canvas, dry brush, pencil, pastels, mixed media from life or photos, please contact me by phone in Moscow, - +7-962-189-15-98,Skype: yakov-dedyk, E-mail:

Kids portraits

One more difficult, as it could seem at first glance, the portraits - kids. To draw children from life was especially difficult, especially under the age of five. Therefore, for such I used pictures and portraits painted with them. If you draw a child from life, then you'd probably focus on ease and transfer of mood rather than the elaboration of fine details. Great kids in the portrait looked somewhat older than in reality, i.e. they are static. The emotion was obligatory for the transmit an original portrait of the naivete. Portrait oil painting on canvas on the classical technology nowadays became uncommon. many 'artists' and the whole factory painting offer services for printing pictures and stylized under painting pictures, pointing out the advantages of these goods (execution speed, absolute similarity, affordable price, and so on), but all this advantages the pipeline. don't think these things can be compared: this is possible and looks like a painting but most likely photo manipulation or retouch. So, call a spade a spade. Portrait oil painting has its own history and technology that relies on more figurative nature scenic transfer means, and not an exact copy. If you decide to capture a portrait in paints on canvas or on paper one of the people close to you, then I think modesty is not relevant here, it is worth to take this event seriously and to entrust this job to a professional artist with a specialization in which Yakov Dedyk - portraits to order from nature and from the photo.

I perform orders mainly oil colors: Classic portrait oil painting on canvas, dry brush technique on paper or canvas. Monochrome (black and white) is a portrait with paint or two (main and whitewash). Color portrait in the technique of dry brush too limited palette of colors is used because, mixing among themselves, many as a result give dirty paint shades. Use a mixed technique of painting and drawing, where oil paint too. directly from the artist's portrait, in modern times, it became a lot easier. modern communications will contact the artist and order painting without intermediaries. all information on this page is authentic. any repetition of text and images on other websites or sources of information without reference to or recommendations of the author of articles on this site may only be considered as theft of intellectual property.

Video drawing of portraits

Видео портрет сухой кистью Портрет в смешаной технике видео сухая кисть + акварель и темпера

To order portrait directly from the artist, presently it is simple. Modern communications will allow to contact the artist and to order picture without intermediaries

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