Female portrait in painting

На этой странице представлены портреты женщин и девушек в различных техниках рисования и живописи художника Дедык Якова

Women's portraits make up the majority of my work. Mostly they bought as a gift for your relatives, friends, colleagues. After seeing the pictures on this page, if you enjoy my manner of performance of these portraits, you can order portrait oil painting on canvas, dry brush, pencil, pastels, mixed media from life or photos, please contact me by phone in Moscow, +7-962-189-15-98, And as other countries of the World, Skype: yakov-dedyk and E-mail: yakovdedyk@yandex.ru

Women's portrait commission

As I said, most of my portraits to order is a women's portraits, but I always drew and painted portraits of all comers, just such were the tastes of customers. Then I drew a few thousand blitz portraits from life, and it's been 95 percent exactly portraits of girls who willingly posed for the audience, creating a stir. Of course, not everyone wanted to pose from life, but a portrait of your purchase, and then they want to go. Or do people was a picture of a man to make a surprise party, or did I photographed myself, which also contributed to the accumulation of a certain experience. But a portrait from life, of course, stands for its artistic value is higher than the portrait from photo. Just not everybody has time to pose, especially on long portrait oil painting. Most of the portraits from life I did oil paintings on paper, as some call the technique of dry brush on the canvas, but I have quite a lot of portraits painted in oils from life.

On my site you can order portrait oil painting on canvas from life, from photographs or from your video material. A painted portrait, executed in oils on canvas in a realistic manner, remain relevant, despite modern technology. I perform orders mainly oil colors: Classic portrait oil painting on canvas (shoulder portrait, half-length, with his arms full length portrait), dry brush technique on paper or canvas. Monochrome (black and white) is a portrait with paint or two (main and whitewash). Color portrait in the technique of dry brush too limited palette of colors is used because, mixing among themselves, many as a result give dirty paint shades. Use a mixed technique of painting and drawing, where oil paint too. To order directly from the artist's portrait in our time has become easier and cheaper. Modern means of communication allow you to order a portrait without intermediaries.

The portrait oil on a canvas on classical technology presently became a rarity. Many "artists" and the whole factories of painting offer services on press of pictures and the photos stylized under painting, specifying on advantages of the given goods (speed of performance, absolute similarity, the reasonable price, etc.), However all this of advantage of the conveyor. I do not think, that these things can be compared: it probably and similar on painting, but most likely photo manipulation or a photo retouch. So, call things by their proper names. Portrait painting by oil has the history and technology which leans on figurative transfer of the nature by picturesque means more, instead of precise copying. If you have decided to embody a portrait in paints on a canvas or on a paper someone from relatives to you people I think, the modesty here is not pertinent, it is necessary to concern to this action responsibly and to entrust this work to the professional artist Dedyk Yakov, which area of expertise a portrait to order from a nature and on a photo. For work on portraits I take fine-grained canvases (linen, semilinen) domestic and foreign manufacture, oil paints (I prefer domestic, I have already got used to them, and at mixing several colors they behave more predictably). The brushes, synthetics naturally favorite by me, for work on fine details of a portrait. A pencil and coal - for sketches of the general composition. On this page my author's works (portraits by oil on a canvas from a nature and photos) are presented. At the publication on other resources, the link on a site yakov-dedyk.ru is mandatory. Use of images and the text on others the Internet-resources or sources of the information is possible only at the direct link on this site. Comply with my copyrights.

Video drawing of portraits

Видео портрет сухой кистью Портрет в смешаной технике видео сухая кисть + акварель и темпера

To order portrait directly from the artist, presently it is simple. Modern communications will allow to contact the artist and to order picture without intermediaries

Use of images and the text on other Internet resources or sources of information is possible only at the direct reference on this website. Observe my copyright.