Portraits Oil Painting by Yakov Dedyk

Portraits oil on canvas photo with nature on the commission. Possibility to order oil portrait on the site of a professional artist

Portrait oil painting on canvas-my most favorite scenic genre. Here are my works in the technique of oil painting realistic manner of execution, both from life and from photographs (in the academic style, as well as in the style of Impressionism). Highlight of my customers and all lovers of painting that I don't do photorealism. My mission is to interpret what they see scenic means, that is, color-ring back, strokes, dabs and other spectacular techniques. For illustration purposes, the process of painting portraits oil painting I posted on my YouTube channel a few videos that demonstrate how to write portraits of eligibility or simply slides a phased work done with oil paints. Order a portrait oil painting from photo or from nature, you can call me by phone in Moscow Oblast. +7-962-189-15-98, (Skype: yakov-dedyk), as well as by sending a message to the E-mail: yakovdedyk@yandex.ru or artist1yakov@gmail.com.