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Yakov Dedyk. Realistic portraits in oils, dry brush, and pastels

Welcome to my official website, the pages of which are my original works of the genre and realistic portrait oil painting on canvas, drawings: pencil, in the technique of dry brush and pastel. For ease of viewing pages divided by genre and 3D galleries: female portrait, male portrait, group portraits, kids portraits painted from nature videos and photos, portraits in oils on canvas, dry brush drawing technique. In the pictures I use so it is a mixed technique with various combinations of painting and graphic materials (oil paint, pastel, pencil, tempera on canvas, watercolor, airbrush). Currently I am working in Moscow. If you like portraits and paintings presented on my site, you can order by phone in Moscow Oblast. +7-962-189-15-98 as well as other regions of Russia. Skype: yakov-dedyk, E-mail -, e-mail:, or in my Studio.
Artist Yakov Dedyk (Jacob Deduk)

Commission a portrait from photo

The official website of the Moscow portrait Dedyk Yakov, you can order a portrait photo or from nature. The list of the artist's services include: a portrait in oil on canvas, pencil, charcoal, pastel, portrait, photo, dry brush. You can also enjoy oil painting, watercolor painting and oil painting, landscape, drawing from nature, charcoal, tempera, acrylic, portrait of a dry brush. Order directly from the portrait of the artist in our time has become a lot easier and more accessible. Modern means of communication will allow you to order a portrait from a photo from nature or without intermediaries.

Portrait oil, dry brush on video

Portrait oil painting on canvas with nature, from photographs or video of your materials. Portraits, executed in oils on canvas in a realistic manner, are still relevant, despite modern technology.   Portrait photo or from life in the technique of dry brush, filmed on video and mounted in the video will be a pleasant surprise for your family, friends, work colleagues.    Portraits in the technique are executed in oils on paper.

Pencil, pastel, watercolor and mixed media drawing and painting

Portraits on order with a pencil, charcoal, watercolor, pastel as well as mixed media painting and drawing as well in demand in today's customers. Each technology has its unique styling, so many lovers of these techniques. Often, the customer does not go into the intricacies of the process and not versed in the art of drawing. Pastel, sepia, coal, perceived it as a simple graphite pencil drawings. I believe that the picture must first of all like a man, and the intricacies of manufacturing should be attributed to the implementation of the author's intention by any material.

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Moscow, Arbat Street, Building 10, m. Arbatskaya, tel. +7 (962) 189-15-98 Yakov Dedyk. Commission portraits in Moscow.

Commission portrait oil painting

On an official site of the Moscow portraitist Deduk Yakov we can commission portrait on a photo or from a nature. Into the list of services of the artist enter: a portrait oil on a canvas, a pencil, coal, a pastel, a portrait from a photo a dry brush. You can as to order a picture oil, painting by watercolor or oil paints, a landscape, picture from a nature, coal, tempera, acrylic, a portrait a dry brush. To order a portrait specifically in the artist, presently on it became much easier. A modern communication facility will allow you to order a portrait without intermediaries.

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