portrait oil painting, drawing dry brush, painter Yakov Dedyk, Jacob Dedik


Yakov Dedyk. Realistic portraits in oils, dry brush, and pastels


Welcome to my official website, the pages of which are my original works of the genre and realistic portrait oil painting on canvas, drawings: pencil, in the technique of dry brush and pastel. For ease of viewing pages divided by genre and 3D galleries: female portrait, portrait, portraits, kids portraits painted from nature videos and photos, portraits in oils on canvas, dry brush drawing technique. In the pictures I use so it is a mixed technique with various combinations of painting and graphic materials (oil paint, pastel, pencil, tempera on canvas, watercolor, airbrush). Currently I am working in Moscow. If you like portraits and paintings presented on my site, you can order by phone in Moscow Oblast. +7-962-189-15-98 - as well as other regions of Russia. Skype: yakov-dedyk, E-mail yakovdedyk@yandex.ru, e-mail: artist1yakov@gmail.com, or in my Studio.
Artist Yakov Dedyk (Deduk).