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Dry-brush. Technique of drawing and painting

Many customers, and in general people, the interested drawing and painting, ask me to explain, in what feature of painting or the drawing executed in the technique a dry-brush.

I, as an artist, not only drawing with a dry brush, but also directly earning my living for part of the portraits in this technique, are certainly not interested in disseminating and divulging the secrets of making pictures. Of course, there is a street version that you can peek and take something or even write about this technology, but most of the real 'color dryers' keep their achievements secret, and I'm no exception, especially us there are more three tens in the world. And so far, the freaking 'art critics' do not want to recognize the colored dry brush unique phenomenon. Well, we'll wait for recognition - then we'll tell you about our secrets. Once I created an article on Wikipedia on a dry brush, but all the editors and clever writers there have corrupted everything so that it now has no value (for 2017). First of all, what such technics a dry-brush? It is technical picturesque and drawing reception, in which a little sated binding substances the paint is put by a brush on Impressive surface. In it paints (water colour are used, oil, Gouache, ink and etc.) and that is quite clear, brushes. On Essences it is a classical artistic touch which used Artists throughout centuries, but received special popularity Thanks to drawing of a blitz of portraits in resort small towns The Black Sea coast and on Arbate in Moscow. The artists who have given The name to the portraits, the drawn oil paints on a paper, Especially did not penetrate into a technical component of the term "dry-brush". The impression is made that drawings oil on a paper it is necessary Was as - that effectively to name and «dry-brush» began to associate with Technique a dry-brush in general. Actually it in a root incorrectly. To the artists drawing in the street, it was necessary to study up simply, instead of To run on Arbat to sell pictures. Though, it is not absolutely bad. I I mean the invention of bicycles. «Dry-brush» is drawing Oil on a paper and all.

Dry-brush in water colour painting It is used, but not so it is active, as in painting by oil. Usually it It is used for revealing of separate details when it is necessary more Planing, a contrast line. Probably as is artificial to dry up Paints on a paper, but it any more reception a dry-brush. Modern The Italian artist-aquarellist Ottorino De Lucch Completely the dry-brush writes the pictures a water colour in the technician. Thanks to possibilities of this technique, a paint get The saturation not peculiar to usually water colour painting. Not Confuse this reception to painting by a water colour on - dry.

IN Painting by gouache or distemper Too use dry-brush reception. Basically write on the relief (The written it is volume) to picture parts. In painting by gouache, reception The dry-brush is not possible to achieve transparent layers, as water colour Paints. In this technics of painting the dry-brush has not received the wide Applications as works were basically etudes and There were no many layers.

Foxy. Черно - белый портрет в технке сухая кисть

цветной Портрет в технике сухая кисть

Selena Gomes. заказать портрет в технике сухая кисть

It is black - a white portrait in To the technique a dry-brush

Colour portrait dry Brush

Painting in the techniquea dry-brush

Dry-brush oil paints Usually to share on a classic method in painting by oil on a canvas and Painting on not grounded surface (a cloth or a paper). That is In classical painting it still is called as a dry glaze. The transparency usually remains, but some saturation is lost Colours in the bottom layers. Such painting can be multilayered, and Artists use whitewash for colour drawing up. Overlapping of layers Occurs on the dried out paint and in the end it is varnished, as The paint withers a little. The second way of drawing by oil paints on To paper has received wide application by artists thanks to some To commercial success which this technics in a blitz portraits had. Drawings on a paper did not demand special fastening, as oil Got into not grounded surface and quickly Dried. Except That, it was possible to do amendments and a work part eraser that Gave to portraits in the technician a dry-brush especial stylisation. The colour dry-brush on a paper has special complexity. Some Mixes of paints and colour behave is unpredictable, and at the multilayered The letter it is difficult to avoid dirty shades. Prominent feature This reception that paints are put very thin in general is Transparent and translucent layer, almost without binding substances, Being fixed to a basis thanks to the surface invoice.

The letter a dry-brush the Chinese ink It is applied since 14 centuries d.C. In China of the Middle Ages to the image The person not enough attention was given and artists represented basically Landscapes in black-and-white scale. It is necessary to notice that they have achieved Great skill, especially in transfer of air space Different plans, without resorting to prospect use. Original The letter in this technics was reached as thanks to the original To the form and length of the brushes used by artists. But, as well as it is necessary, Each master had a secret. The dry-brush is actively used in the modern decorative Registration, decor and modelling. In the popular raster editor Adobe Photoshop the filter a dry-brush simulating the water colour letter is used.

Video the Example Drawing by a dry-brush by water colour and oil paints in colour.

Example of drawing a dry-brush in it is black - white Execution.

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